We celebrate two impactful years! 

Donate today to help Sudanese artists rebuild their lives and continue to tell our story.

With your support, SAF strives to give $500 per month to one Sudanese artist. The award is not for project funding. But to invest in the artist to continue working.

SAF Grant Winners

This month's winner

Amir Saleh (Flyboy)

Amir Saleh (Flyboy) is a graffiti artist and calligrapher and an architecture and planning graduate Founding member of 249 writers and founding member of 249 code Speaker and participant in many art events and exhibitions in Sudan


All support via our donation section below will be managed by SAF's financial partners Andariya, a pioneering digital platform covering the East and Horn of Africa.

Application closed

*The applications open the 1st of every month until the 15th winner is announced 1st of the next month
About SAF
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At SAF, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of art and artists to chronicle the history of the Sudanese people's unwavering fight for democracy. Despite the challenges posed by war, we refuse to let adversity dampen our spirits. Instead, we channel our collective energy into using art as a powerful tool for resilience, resistance, and transformation. Through art, we raise our voices, convey our stories, and advocate for positive change. To sustain this momentum and meet the high demand for support, SAF acknowledges the pressing need for resources. In light of this, we have partnered with the Resource Organization and a coalition of other organizations. Together, we aim to provide assistance to Sudanese artists and creators residing in Sudan who have been directly impacted by the devastating war on April 15, 2023. We invite artists to apply for the "Stand with Sudanese Artists" grant through the website mawred.org. This grant serves as a means to empower and uplift the artistic community, enabling them to overcome the challenges they face and continue their creative pursuits. To further support our mission and make a lasting impact, we kindly ask for your generous donations. As a tax-exempt organization in the United States, your contributions go directly towards providing essential resources and opportunities for Sudanese artists. Your support not only fuels their artistic growth but also helps build a brighter future for Sudan. To make a donation click on the donate tab on the website. Your generosity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Sudanese artists and contribute to the transformative power of art.

How We Work

The Sudan Artists Fund was established to foster the vitality and spirit of Sudanese artists. SAF awareness and understanding of Sudanese cultural achievements, builds an international network of support and partnerships for the Sudanese arts community

For Artists
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The time to support Sudan’s artists and change Sudan's art infrastructure is now. Many artists in Sudan are unable to pursue their work as they need to focus on providing for themselves and their families in the face of tough economic conditions in the country. With little to no financial support, it is often not an option to focus on artistic expression, even when it is most needed. SAF strives to support Sudanese artists, $500 at a time.